Vibration diagnostics

Vibration diagnostics for rotating equipment enables us to timely detect and prevent breakdowns, avoiding unplanned production stops, thus achieving savings.

Simply put, vibration diagnostics gives us an early insight into symptoms that cannot be detected by human senses.

SKF Microlog AX. Napredni uređaj za akviziciju i analizu vibracija.

SKF Microlog AX. Napredni uređaj za akviziciju i analizu vibracija.

Information that we get from vibration diagnostic can be used for:

  • Estimation of the current working condition of the equipment
  • Detection of damaged parts of equipment
  • Identification of the cause of failure
  • Estimation of the remaining period of uptime, after which the damaged parts should be repaired or replaced.
  • Implementation of corrective activities in timely manner

Diagnostic methods based on vibration measurements can be classified into two main groups:

  • Diagnosis based on the total level of vibration
  • Diagnosis based on vibration spectrum analysis

RWLab holds accreditation for both of these methods.

The overall vibration levels (on the basis of our measured values compared to predetermined limit values) provide general information about the state of the equipment.

Limit values can be described by standards or the OEMs.

Vibration spectrum analysis, with the knowledge of certain characteristics of the machine, gives a very detailed picture of the faulty states of machines, such as:

  • imbalance of rotating masses
  • mechanical loosens (connection with the machine base or foundation of the machine)
  • abnormal position pulleys and sprockets
  • damage to specific parts of the roller bearings (races and rollers)
  • damage and malfunction of plain bearings
  • problems with lubrication
  • malfunctioning of electric motors (rotor bars, stator insulation, etc. ..)
  • cavitation in pumps
  • resonance

RWLab has uses modern equipment and software manufactured by SKF (Marlin and Microlog series with @ptitude software) to measure the general level of vibration and to record and analyze the spectrum.

The equipment is regularly calibrated in the Technical Test Center of the Serbian Armed Forces.