The modern demands of the market are forcing a need for predictive and proactive methods of maintaining mechanical equipment. Within the production system, these methods are implemented primarily through vibration diagnostics, oil analysis and thermomechanical analysis (thermal imaging).

Even though the production system within its own capacity uses the aforementioned methods for equipment maintenance, it rarely uses the same machinery, and does not compare the results that were achieved during the previous maintenance.

Concerning rotation equipment, vibration diagnostics enables us to monitor the condition of the equipment and obtain the most information.

With the aim of achieving the most reliable results when applying vibration diagnostics, there are several complementary methods which can be implemented.

After years of experience, the laboratory for vibration diagnostics at RWLab, uses the following reliable methods:

  • visual inspection
  • interviewing the maintenance personnel
  • thermomechanical scans
  • lubrication analysis
  • the quick oil patch test
  • the laser geometry test and alignment

The results achieved by the laboratory at RWlab show that by combing the above mentioned methods, along with vibration diagnostics as the primary indicator of the state of the rotating equipment, incredibly precise and reliable results can be achieved.

Due to this kind of approach, the laboratory at RWlab is able to, in the shortest time possible, give its clients a possible solution. We do this by giving a recommendation for corrective measures which need to be taken, as well as offering the appropriate products and services.