The vibration diagnostic lab, RWLab, was established within Rolling World LLC in 2009.
RWLab was established as a result of many years of cooperation with the SKF Group. We combined our collective knowledge and experience in the sphere of technical diagnostics and now offer high quality service in the field of vibration diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

In 2007, Rolling World became a SKF Certified Maintenance Partner. This kind of partnership guarantees that RWlab has the most modern equipment and highly qualified experts which have been trained at the SKF Group’s global centres.

In 2010, RWlab was accredited by the Accrediation Body of Serbia, with IEC/ISO 17025 (by The International Organization of Standardization), and became an accredited laboratory for vibration diagnostics in methods for the assessment of vibration levels as by ISO 10816. With this accreditation, RWlab became the only laboratory in Serbia which is accredited for the spectral analysis of vibrations.

The main tasks of the vibration diagnostic laboratory include:

  1. the measurement of the profile of vibrations and general level and development spectrum of acceleration
  2. laser centering
  3. dynamic balancing of rotational masses within their own housings
  4. thermomechanical analysis
  5. quick oil patch test
  6. providing regular maintenance

Quality Policy

The quality policy of RWlab, within Rolling World LLC, is to completely comply to all demands and expectations of the client and interested parties, to provide a high level of quality service and a competitive service price. All of this is achieved in the following ways:

  • By defining, establishing and applying an integrated quality control system in compliance with SRPS ISO 9001:2008 and SRPS ISO 17025:2006.
  • By ensuring the provision of a quality service that satisfies and complies to national and international regulations and standards.
  • By ensuring that our services completely comply with the demands of the client. We offer reliable, quick and quality service.
  • By ensuring that the staff at RWlab are up-to-date with the latest technological advances concerning vibration diagnostics, as well as working with the most modern reliable equipment and software programs.
  • By maintaining complete client confidentiality.
  • By maintaining a stance of absolute objectivity and professionalism, with clients as well as within Rolling World.
  • By ensuring that the staff on every organisational levels know their role in the company and do everything towards the successful completion of assignments.
  • By regularly assessing the framework of standards for quality control at Rolling World and RWlab, with the aim of evaluating its effectivness and efficiency as well as introducing measures to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts.